Sofia Yasin

Sofia started her career in media in 2016 hosting three unique shows each week.  Sofia has a strong belief to constantly learn new skills to make her into a true all round presenter.

She has become a popular presenter because of her spontaneous presentation bringing a variety of fun, engaging and useful information to listeners. Sofia brings you an excellent Urdu show ‘Dil Se' with a great mix of music and meaningful poetry. Sofia also brings you an exciting Punjabi programme, with her sense of humour and charming Punjabi banter, which makes everyone’s day.

Sofia is an excellent cook and fantastic at sewing. She has strong ties to her family and is a caring mother who has also looked after other children when working within a child care company.

Sofia’s ability to speak Urdu, Punjabi, Mirpuri and English has helped her greatly when working in a community centre where she also helped support parents and carers from all backgrounds. She continues to build on languages she knows and is looking to learn Saraiki.

Sofia is motivated through self belief and constant determination to do better. She encourages, guides and supports others as well as appreciating their input and ideas.

Sofia is a true people person who enjoys communicating with others around her. She has ambitions to use her skills and knowledge to further progress her career in the world of media.





Dil Se

Tuesday    0900 - 1200

Punjabi Sangat

Thursday  12:00 - 14:00