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Communities Together is a not for profit company and the parent company of Radio Sangam, it has been running Radio Sangam since 2001. Supporting and promoting local artists and groups in delivering their message and latest pieces of work. Communities Together has been successful in developing local groups who have gone on to deliver RSL broadcasts in Huddersfield and Dewsbury. We also have worked with a number of local schools in running media projects, including running summer schools. We are always open to new ideas and constantly seeking new talent. If you want to get involved then get in touch. We have training studio facilities and a 25 networked computer facility to support our training programme.

Listen live on line or on 107.9 FM 365 days a year using our app on your smart phone. Download our free app from the app store or from googleplay. You can also listen live on our facebook page just like the thousands that are already doing so in 42 countries around the world.
Radio Sangam is broadcasting 24 hrs a day on 107.9 FM. If you want to get involved contact the team on 01484 549947. If you've had a desire to present on a radio show then this is the perfect opportunity for you.
On the go, why not keep in touch and continue listening to your favourite artists using our iphone and android phone apps. Download the free apps now. search for radiosangam
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STUDIO HOTLINE 01484 817705 OFFICE 01484 549947
TEXT THE STUDIO ON 07444 202155
OFCOM, the organisation that approves and licences radio broadcasts has announced an opportunity for a community radio station to broadcast in the Yorkshire and Humber region including Huddersfield.

After a number of consultation processes with members of the community, local councillors and other voluntary organisations, Communities Together has decided to submit an application to run a community broadcast under the Radio Sangam banner.

For further information on the process or if you would like to be involved please get in touch with the team at Radio Sangam on 07966159779.
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