We can promote your business across platforms including social media, moving digital media vans, billboards, bus and transport platforms and through our media partners on international TV and national radio syndicates

Trillions of pounds of business and opportunities are being missed by companies and organisations who have either not engaged or failed to understand the power of the South Asian consumer in Britain. As a station that broadcasts locally in a language that is understood through FM and internationally through our app and associated streamers, Radio Sangam is a well recognised and highly thought of organisation to ensure that your business does not miss out on tapping into a lucrative and young Asian market. We have over a decade of expertise in creating brand awareness into the Asian market and making real measurable, tangible differences to our clients.

We understand the needs of the South Asian consumer, we have first hand experience and our clients have always reported a positive impact.

We are here to support the smallest business such as a start up to a multi outlet chain such as Tesco's on meeting the needs of this consumer group. We provide advise and guidance as well as ensuring that your business and organisation gets the recognition that it deserves,

Radio advertising is great, it works on repetition and music patterns. Some adverts songs have become so closely associated that the songs are now recognised by the brand name that they were involved in rather than the song title itself.

Radio advertising is cost effective and radio listening is a growing group in comparison to television viewing. Contact us to find out how we can support your business.