The Radio Sangam Team is part of the Sangam Family. Highly dedicated to producing fabulous shows, it consists of people with varying experience in broadcasting, from people with over 30 years experience including working for national stations and the BBC to people who have started their broadcasting career at Radio Sangam. Team Sangam work tirelessly in the best interest of the community it serves. It consists of presenters, researchers, administrative staff, journalists and technical support staff. Driven by a passion for bringing about a change for the betterment of society through education, information and entertainment. In everything the team does it puts its motto first 'Dilon Ko Milaane Wala' (Bringing Hearts Together), it is for this reason that Radio Sangam is the most followed Asian Radio Station (outside BBC Asian Network) in the UK and followed around the globe by millions. 

The video is from our 1st Anniversary held in 2017. Below is a brief biography of each individual at Team Sangam.

  • Qaisar Mahmood

    Our CEO is always on call to help and at times will present a show or two.

  • Tanveer Khatana

    Mera Naam Tanveer Khatana , Main Aap Ka Veer Purana. Drive Time with Tanveer with the latest music and gossip.

  • Jannat

    Our resident photographer and occasional breakfast presenter, Jannat is an integral part of the Sangam Family. You will always see her at Sangam events. Jannat has risen through the Sangam training scheme.

  • Saqib Choudary

    Listen to the Sufi Soul show with Saqib Ch Every Tuesday 2-4 pm with a new topic every week

  • Shakeel Khatana

    Shakeel has recently joined Sangam family, and will be presenting a movie review show every fortnight. Every other tuesday 19:00-21:00

  • Abdul Salam

    Abdul has recently joined Radio Sangam, he will be presenting Mixed New and Old Songs. Every Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00.

  • Kashif

    An interactive show where callers have a chance for banter and to express their vocal talents

  • Haneef and Wajid

    The dynamic duo presenting the listeners of thier weekly dose of sports and much more on every saturday from 8 til 10

  • M H Shadye

    Lazy Weekend mornings with relaxed old time hits with MHS

  • Ifti Hussain

    Sham- E- Sufi, Sher O Shairi or Tanha Tanha, there's something for everyone with Ifti Hussain

  • Naeem Jogi

    Punjabi and Urdu Folk shows with the one and only Jogi. Uplifting moments.

  • Jani

    Breakfast with Jani, latest traffic and travel and underground music. There's always something new with competitions for kids.

  • Nassir Hussain

    A mix of pyar and drivetime, Nassir never fails to surprise, he also tries to sing, tries being the operative word.

  • Shagufta

    A Religious Show mixed with the concoction of latest recipes and mouth watering tastes from around the globe.

  • Sher Yar Khan

    Shery is Head of Production at Radio Sangam. A competent and acomplished singer in his own right, you'll hear his voice a plenty on Radio Sangam.

  • Asif Jatt

    Listen to Asif Jatt A joint Transmission of FM 95 Jhelum and Radio Sangam, Mix Music and GupShup Show. Every Saturday 19:00-20:00

  • Basit Subhani

  • Asmah moghal

    Sense and sensibility. Book of the week, Cultures and traditions, you'll find an informative show with some great music with Asmah.

  • Leena Shah

  • Idrees

    Idrees is a seasoned presenter and also part of Samaa TV. 90's hits is his speciality with a sprinkle of poetry. He is our Akshay Kumar and a romantic at heart.

  • Kuldip

    Love in Paris with Kuldip. A seasoned presenter who has also worked at the BBC and a health professional. His shows are fabulous and reminder of some of those forgotten hits.

  • Tehmina

    Tehmina started as a trainee at Radio Sangam and now is the voice of fashion and style as well as going onto work on TV and hosting Radio Sangam events she brings her own unique style to her show. Want to know which lipstick colour is in, then listen in

  • Sajjad Anjum

    Taking you back to your roots, Sajjad brings his own style to the show with Des Pardes, Sangam Sangeet and Ek Ghazal Ek Geet. This is an opportunity for people to sing on air, get your vocals warmed up.

  • DJ Zorro

    Pathwari Programme show with a man who arrives on his own horse to Radio Sangam Studios. A fun filled couple of hours twice a week full of entertainment and laughter

  • Farah

    Farah brings a fresh approach to the Breakfast show. Her music will wake you up and introduce you to new and exciting tracks

  • Haji Shafi

    Haji Shafi brings an opportunity to listen to a variety of Naats' in his own voice or the voice of young upcoming individuals.

  • DJ Mick

    His following includes 80s Bhangra artists up and down the country. This is a programme that will take you back to daytime college gigs. If you love Bhangra then this is one not to be missed.

  • Asif Zulfiqar

    we always joke that his music is depressing and sad but the truth is that it is great music intertwined in emotions with a healthy dose of passionate poetry

  • Saeed Nawab

    Coming through the Sangam training scheme, Saeed brings Pakhair Raghle with Saeed Nawab and shows a real talent for commentary. The weekly Pushto programme brings a fresh approach with topical conversations as well as fabulous music.

  • Ansar

    Dr. Ansar Mahmood is a dentist and jointly presents the weekly dental show with Dr. Raisa Malook, an avid drama watcher, he can tell you anything about any current drama on TV!!!! Ansar has risen through The Sangam training scheme.

  • Raisa

    Dr. Raisa Malook is the Co-host of the dental show with Dr. Ansar Malook she also loves Pakistani dramas and is highly knowledgeable about Pakistani actors and actresses. Raisa has risen through the Sangam training scheme.

  • Nasreen

    Nasreen has been with Radio Sangam since the early days. Her programme, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham brings together a collection of emotions old and new.

  • Aqsa

    If you're looking for Pakistani Rock and Pop then The Aqsa Sadiq Show is for you. You will come across music that has been lost in the annals of time.

  • Asif Raja

    Currently presenting a naat show on a Friday, Asif is a film director, actor and also an artist who has cd's to his name. there's always something new to discuss.

  • Saj Malik

    Coffee Shop with Saj Malik is a programme full of new vibes and old school Punjabi tracks. Saj has excelled and grown through the Sangam training scheme.

  • Naveed Chohan

    Naveed Chohan brings his own unique style of music to Sangam with super hits from both Bollywood and Lollywood.

  • Maj Malik

    Maj Malik will serenade you with his smooth voice and relax you in the evening. He plays lesser known music which includes romantic cover versions. Maj has excelled through the Sangam training scheme.

  • Zeeshan Anwar

    With multiple online YouTube personalities and characters, Zeeshan has a strong following with young people all over the world. he brings his own unique style to the show which often ends in surrealism and jokes. Cover your ears, he comes with a warning.

  • Pooja

    Pooja brings Pyar Ka Weekend every Saturday with chit chat and a range of music that's crosses the boundries of decades and eras.

  • Parth Banerji

    A singer in his own right, Parth brings Lamhe Do Lamhe in Hindi and Bengali. His show is full of stories and experiences of life. Parth comes to us through the Sangam training scheme.

  • Sohail Ashfaq

    Sohail is new to Radio Sangam and one of our trainee presenters. You will love his 90's music mix

  • Martin Morrison

    Martin's weekly Culture Pot featured individuals from around the globe. They may be singers or people who have achieved something important in their lives. The Culture Pot is different, entertaining, interactive and informative. Martin has risen through t

  • Maria

    One of our trainee presenters, Maria brings fresh poetry with music

  • Shahzad Ahmed

    If you're into classic hits then Old is Gold is the show for you. Shahzad Ahmad has excelled in the Sangam training programme and we predict will make a real name for himself in the near future.

  • Javed Akram

    Sadly Javed passed away recently leaving behid a young family. His memory, his voice and his laughter remain forever with Team Sangam

  • DJ Saif

    Saif has poetry, he has music, he has charm (so we're told) but above all a relaxed and calming manner which he brings to his show of mixed music.

  • RJ Amna Ali and RJ Asim Khan

    Breakfast Show

  • Junaid Raja

    The whirling dervishes of the West

  • Prem

    The Breakfast Show: Paratha with Prem

  • Jia Rathor

    Urdu Poetry, Short Strories, Iqtasbaat, Kahawatain, Aaj Ki bat,Shows are based on the Urdu literature, Poetry and much more!!

  • Haji Rafi

    Rafi presents a naat show on a Friday and often has visitors in to discuss topical religious issues.

  • Nirmal Singh

  • Drive Time with DJ Mirza

    Fast and Furious with RJ Mirza

  • Mubasit

  • Dr. Yousuf

  • zara Khan

    Soft music with a poetic tone is Zara's style

  • Sultan

    Sultan changes the pace of radio Sangam, with fast beats, mixes on the go, a salad of East and west tossed with the spices of current issues. If you prefer fast music, a light hearted laugh and to boogie with your loved ones then this show is for you. 

  • RJ Aisha

    Weekend Bahar

  • RJ Amrita

    The Breakfast Show - a taste of India

  • Dr Henna Anwar

  • Ghazal Show

    If you love ghazals then this is the show for you with Urdu, Persian and Hindi Ghazals to suit any mood

  • Bhangra Show

  • Qawalli Show

  • Pakistani Show

  • Christianity Show

  • Hinduism Show

  • Islamic Show

  • Sikhism Show

  • Rj Fatima

On Air

  • Qaisar Mahmood

    Our CEO is always on call to help and at times will present a show or two.

  • Tanveer Khatana

    Mera Naam Tanveer Khatana , Main Aap Ka Veer Purana. Drive Time with Tanveer with the latest music and gossip.

  • Jannat

    Our resident photographer and occasional breakfast presenter, Jannat is an integral part of the Sangam Family. You will always see her at Sangam events. Jannat has risen through the Sangam training scheme.


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