Statues and Status

The recent troubles affecting swathes of the UK, are a symbol of the inequalities that still exist within the Kingdom. Naturally it is difficult for some people to understand that history affects people for eons to come. However, the argument that wiping history or as our Prime Minister Boris Johnson states, 'photoshopping' history does not change it. Agreed! It doesn't, however the problem is not the statue, it's the plinth that it stands on. By putting an effigy of somebody on a plinth is stating that we value what that person stands for or stood for. Granted that times were different and some people have also done some good in the past. But doing good does not negate the atrocities that were committed in the past. The fact that times were different then does not wash. We all have a moral compass that time does not change. The fact is that people profited from the misery and the slavery of others. People of African decent were treated as sub humans, as non humans. 

History is not forgotten if we remove statues. If that was the case then why are their no statues of Hitler, lest we forget what happened during WWII. Also there is the option of putting statues in museums, where they belong, where history can be preserved, but maybe not celebrated.

How many George Floyds must die before we change our ways? When will we learn the lessons from our past? How many reports must be published for society to change?


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