Radio Sangam prepares to launch in Leeds

Radio Sangam prepares to launch into the heart of the big city of Leeds. Qaisar Mahmood (CEO) of Radio Sangam stated, " We are excited to continue to expand into new areas of the UK and Leeds is one of the biggest cities near us. We are delighted to be able to engage with the residents and tourists of Leeds and bring about more listener choice, adding to the variety available in the region. Radio is growing year on year and contrary to popular myths more people listen to radio now than ever before. Radio gives you an opportunity to learn, to be entertained and to engage whilst doing other things, something that TV, social media and other formats cannot compete with. I am delighted that the people of Leeds will be able to listen to our award winning programmes on the DAB+ network"

Leeds is the third largest and one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Leeds has become the largest legal and financial centre outside London with the financial and insurance services industry worth £13 billion to the city's economy. Leeds DAB platform will reach some 450,000 adults in and around the city. 

Radio Sangam will provide businesses and organisations to reach close to half a million residents. The strategic plan of the organisation is to continue its growth in the north whilst simultaneously extending into the capital of the UK, London. 

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