A thought, a dream or a vision, entrepreneurship is now synonymous with these ambitious words as entrepreneurs set out on the challenging road of growing a business. Globally, the pandemic recorded a boom in new businesses, with markets like the US recording a 95% increase in the number of applications for starting a new business in July 2020, as opposed to the same period in 2019, as per the Census Bureau. From grocery delivery to hailing a ride to finding a recipe for items in your fridge, these businesses do it all and much more. Naturally, a story that chronicles the struggles of entrepreneurs in today’s age of entrepreneurship boom, struck a chord. 

The web series Pitchers, released in 2015, honestly and realistically narrated a tale of three friends on their entrepreneurial journey. It revolves around their global narrative of jumping through the hoops of pitching startup ideas, looking for investors and developing their product. ZEE5 now takes this dream further with the pathbreaking series’ second season after a wait of seven years. But there are a few reasons why fans all over the world are eagerly looking forward to the new journey of Pitchers

One of Pitchers' biggest feats was addressing real-life entrepreneurship struggles and the challenges most entrepreneurs face throughout the start-up journey. Director Vaibhav Bundhoo presented this through a global lens, earning the series worldwide attention. The second season now takes this journey further with a new story of the co-founder trio and their now 25-member team. The show’s iconic writing style and impeccable acting also added to its relatability factor. It emoted real human emotions and words that helped the series dissolve linguistic and geographical barriers to emerge as a show that unites viewers in its story.

Asia is reckoned as a hotbed of entrepreneurship, owing to the increasing number of unicorns emerging from the region and the unique solutions they offer to cater to various  challenges. Millennials, in particular, form a major part of the booming entrepreneurship landscape. Naturally, a series that honestly portrays the journey charmed them and connected with them on multiple levels. This occurred not just in India, where the series originated but also globally. The show’s strong messaging even made the series make it to the IMDb’s coveted top 250 list of TV shows. It remains one of the highest-rated Indian shows, with a star rating of 9.1. Streaming now, witness the new chapter of PRAGATI.AI and its co-founders.

‘Pitchers S2’ streaming now exclusively on ZEE5 Global

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