Pooja playing RAFI - Gulabi anken

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Aqsa Sadiq Another bubbly Personality who has been part of the Sangam family for a while. Aqsa,  a very versatile presenter  who loves songs from Pakistani pop to Bollywood love songs has a lot of knowledge about the music industry. Former investment banker with post graduate degree in Business, a house wife who loves her family.


I like Food which is proper desi any desi dish will do me.
My Favourite singer is Junaid Jamshed
My Favourite Film Is DDLJ.
My Favourite Actor is Shahrukh Khan
My Favourite Personalities are Nazia  Hassan and Princess Diana
My Favourite sport is Cricket
My Favourite quote is " the person who locks, is the only one to unlock"
My Star Sign is Gemini But I don't believe in it.