Nirmal Singh playing Surjit Bindrakhia - Tera Yaar Bolda

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i am a hypnotherapist and coach. my work involves helping people to make breakthroughs with any issues they have. I believe you either come from a place of love or a place of fear and life's too short to live in fear. I know that we all come from the same creator/source and as such we are the highest form of creation. Therefore anything is possible once we believe and once we step into our true limitless power. Hence my favourite quote by Ilama Iqbal:

"Khudi ko karr itna Buland ke Rabb khud puchay bata insaan ke tumari razamandi kya hai"Farah

​ Another Great Personality who has joined Sangam family very recently and has come to lime light through radio sangam training scheme. Farah has made the positive impact on sangamians by her positive grip on music with her knowledge about the old school Urdu and hindi music. she does her show yaaden every Tuesday



​I'm very much a foodie so I adore 'all' kinds of food, including Desi, Thai, Mexican, Italian and healthy food too and I'm passionate about cooking food too, the two go hand in hand. Eating Food is a very nurturing Experian especially when shared with others and I believe it unites and brings people together, irrespective of their faith or culture. 

I'm an ardent fan of poetry and also like creative writing. I enjoy singing and was privileged enough to sing at Glastonbury in 2016. Travelling is another passion of mine and I'm a seasoned traveler. I was fortunate enough to travel by road to Bosnia, which was quite an experience, whilst working on a charity project. Charity work is very fulfilling and I get involved when I can. 

As a movie buff I love films and enjoy immersing myself in both in Bollywood and Hollywood films including thrillers and comedy. I have an eclectic taste in music covering a wide range of Asian and Western genres. i Like Many singers including Atif Aslam, Alka Yagnik and Rahat Ali Khan. I often interview positive and inspiring people so that I may make a difference in the world and motivate someone via my morning show. I feel very much at home at Sangam and feel I have found a platform through which to express myself musically and otherwise. 


Tuesday    0900 - 1200