Ifti Hussain, a natural talent, an award winning presenter and never lost for words. He is the Driving force behind Sangam, with experience of over 25 years in the broadcasting industry and  followed by thousands  in the UK and Worldwide.  Ifti Hussain has worked on many top rated Asian Radio Stations in the UK. Ifti is a trainer at Radio Sangam. He presents three shows per week, Tanha Tanha on a Thursday evening, Sher O Shairi on a Saturday evening and Shan E Sufi on a Sunday evening. His favourite quote is " Meri Jan "


I love Snooker and in my spare time I like to play snooker and have  even played at some professional level. Music is my passion and I express my self through music and poetry. I cant live without it. People who are my regular listeners love the poetry show. I love desi food, fataya and all other spicy foods. I have been to most countries in the world but my recent visit to Canada was so awesome that I would say my favourite place in the world is Toronto. My favourite singers are  Lata, Rafi, Nusrat sahib and Ahmed Rushdi. favourite actress is Kareena, Karishma and favourite actor is Shahrukh khan, Salman and Aamir Khan.


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