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M H Shadye

M H Shadye is the main man behind the Sangam family. He is one of the Directors of the company. Shadye saahib has worked in radio for over 25 years, mainly running RSL broadcasts. Radio Sangam was his dream project and he is now seeing his dream fulfilled. Shadye Saahib is fond of old tracks including Rafi, Mukesh and Lataji. 


I Love my Family and Radio Sangam is my extended family. I am pleased to have so many good people around me. I love cricket and my favourite place in the world in my janam bhoomi " Gujar Khan ". my favourite singers are M Rafi and Lata and i love old school Movies.

my favourite quote is

mohabbat sab ke liye.


Saturday   0700 -  1000
Sunday      0700 -  1000