Pooja playing Jagjit Singh - Tum Itna Jo Muskra

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Martin Morrison

Martin Morrison is a writer, coach and martial arts instructor based in West Yorkshire, England. He has a passion for people and culture and launched The Culture Pot so that he could learn more about other people from around the world while sharing his journey with others. Martin believes that learning about other cultures broadens minds and helps people grow. When he is not writing books, teaching martial arts or coaching people, he is slowly trying to learn Urdu.


About Culture Pot

‚ÄčThis is the show that blends music, food and culture from around the world, and celebrates the people of the globe. Every week, the show explores a different genre of music and the culture surrounding it. Featuring global talents and everyday people, The Culture Pot is hosted by Martin Morrison and aims to bring you the world through music and conversation.


3pm - 5pm every Sunday


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