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Saeed Nawab

Saeed Nawab Khan recently joined Sangam Family. He completed his Training at Radio Sangam and Started his Pushto Show for the first time in Yorkshire. Saeed has a Masters degree in Sociology and he has also studied social Work at Ruskin Uni. Saeed is an Active social Activist.


My Favourite book is Quran as it should be every Muslim. my Favourite poet is Ghani Khan and I love my Family Espcially my Mum and Dad and they Mean so much to me. My Favourite food is Afghan Cuisine but I love Biryani, Tandoori roti, Lamb Karahi Pilu rice and this list is endless. I don't believe in star signs. I was born in Peshawar so seen so much injustice in the society, I always had this eagerness and will to work for community, poor and Needy. I work for Human rights international. 


Sunday  1200PM - 1500PM