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Zeeshan Anwar

Zeeshan Anwar aka Zee Boi Productionz , the man that gave Rashid flex , Jimmy Hard Nails , Dewsbury Drifterz etc etc the list goes on! The video creator now has his own radio show every fortnight on Wednesdays with crazy outlook on life and topic discussions with his friends. One thing you will realise with his show it is unpredictable !


My name is Zeshan Anwar I am a videographer who is known as zeeboi productionz on the social media. My passion is making comedy videos I am constantly thinking of ideas of new videos!(check it out on youtube write zeeboi productionz) making professional videos and creating content for people!!!

My other passion than video making is BOXING! I love boxing ! I am a big boxing fan I watch the fights that no one has heard of that's  how much I love it!

My favourite music is Bass line ,

my favourite movie is Scarface and OTHER movies I have created in my head that will be releasing soon lol.